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Adar Declarations

Hebrew Month of Adar

The Hebrew Month of Adar

February  – March 


From the Book: A Time To Advance By Chuck D. Pierce


Embracing Adar: A Journey of Transformation and Divine Alignment


The Essence of Adar: Spanning 29 or 30 days between February and March, Adar is a season of spiritual unveiling and divine provision, marking a pivotal phase in the Hebrew calendar.


Significant Observances:

  • Feast of Esther (13th Day): A prelude to the joyous celebration of Purim, commemorating courage and divine intervention.

  • Purim (14th Day): A festival celebrating victory over adversity, symbolizing joy and redemption.

Symbolic Themes:

  • Alphabet: KUF - A call to remove disguises, revealing true joy and spiritual identity.

  • Tribe: Naphtali - Symbolizes a time of celebration, "sweetness is to me," overturning curses into blessings.

  • Constellation: Pisces (The Fishes) - Encourages seeking provision in the unseen, symbolizing abundance and trust in divine provision. This is the month where Jesus told Peter to find the fish with the money in its mouth to pay their taxes.

  • Color/Stone: Purple/Amethyst - Represents royalty, spiritual insight, and purification.


Adar II: In leap years, Adar II embodies a deeper cleansing and celebration, targeting the complete eradication of obstacles (the "Haman" in our lives), and emphasizing joy in spiritual exile as a path to redemption.


Deeper Reflections:

  • Unveiling True Identity: Adar is a divine invitation to cast off the masquerade, embracing our God-given identity both spiritually and physically. It's a time when our spiritual essence should begin to reflect more clearly in our daily lives, encouraging us to explore and activate our spiritual gifts.

  • Overcoming Anxiety through Divine Provision: This month teaches us to confront and overturn anxiety, learning God's process for overcoming. Each year, as we seek Him, He unveils another layer of peace, moving us from worry to divine provision and joy.

  • Strategic Spiritual Warfare: Adar calls us to develop strategies against the spirit of fear and idolatry. It's a month to break the chains of negative decrees and to root out depression and despair, allowing faith to illuminate our thought processes.

  • Celebration and Redemption: This season encourages us to celebrate the conclusion of life's chapters, recognizing the importance of endings as gateways to new beginnings. Adar's joy, akin to light entering darkness, has the power to transform sorrow into gladness, inviting us to laugh in the face of adversity.


Adar's Comprehensive Message:

Adar urges us to embrace our spiritual journey with courage, recognizing God's timing and cycles as pivotal to our transformation. It's a time for:

  • Identifying and activating our spiritual gifts, moving beyond mere practicality into the realm of divine identity.

  • Addressing and overcoming anxieties with faith, recognizing that our supply comes from God.

  • Laughing in the face of darkness, as joy becomes a weapon against despair.

  • Developing strategies against spiritual opposition, ensuring we move forward without fear, aligned with God's seasons.



Adar stands as a testament to God's cycles of renewal and redemption. It challenges us to shed the masks that hide our true selves, to confront and dispel the roots of fear and anxiety, and to step boldly into our spiritual identities. As we align with the rhythms of Adar, we open ourselves to the fullness of God's plans, moving supernaturally through circumstances into a season of blessing and new beginnings. This month, let us celebrate the sweetness of overcoming, the joy of divine provision, and the strength found in God's timing, preparing ourselves to move into the next dimension of our spiritual journey.

A Prayer for the Month of Adar


Heavenly Father, Creator of times and seasons, we come before You in gratitude as we enter the month of Adar. With hearts open and spirits willing, we seek to align ourselves with the divine rhythms You have established for us.


Lord, in this month of Adar, symbolized by the unveiling of true joy and the celebration of Your providence, we ask for Your blessing upon us. May we experience the deep joy of discovering our true identities in You, shedding any masquerades that hide our God-given essence.


As we remember the victory and courage of Esther, instill in us the bravery to face our challenges, knowing You are with us. Let the spirit of Purim invigorate our faith, celebrating the triumph over adversity through Your divine intervention.


Father, bless us with the wisdom of Naphtali, to see beyond our curses and embrace the sweetness of Your blessings. Guide us to find their provision in the "hidden" world, trusting in Your unseen hand to supply all our needs, just as Pisces reminds us to look beyond the visible.


Grant us the courage to develop our war strategies against the spirit of fear and idolatry. May we stand firm in our faith, equipped with Your Word, as we confront the giants in our lives. Break the chains of worry, anxiety, depression, and despair that seek to bind us, replacing these with Your peace, joy, and laughter.


In this month of Adar, we pray for the purple mantle of royalty and the clarity of the amethyst to remind us of our royal priesthood in Christ. Let us shine with Your light, reflecting the beauty of Your holiness.


As we embrace the leap year with Adar II, may it be a time of complete victory over the "Haman" in our lives, celebrating the joy of redemption and the anticipation of Passover's freedom.


Lord, we decree and declare that any wrong spiritual decrees spoken over us are nullified and broken. We speak Your words of life, blessing, and purpose over ourselves. May we rise in leadership, aligned with Your divine timing, moving supernaturally through every circumstance into the fullness of Your plan.


Bless us, O God, to embrace the endings and beginnings with a spirit of celebration, recognizing each step as part of our journey towards our divine destiny. May this month of Adar be a turning point, where we laugh in the face of darkness, rooted and grounded in Your everlasting joy.


We thank You, Father, for Your faithfulness and love that guides us through every season. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Adar Declarations for Empowerment


Identity and Joy: "I declare that this month, I am removing any masks that hide my true identity. I step into the joy of knowing who I am in God, embracing my spiritual gifts and the unique calling upon my life."


Divine Provision: "I proclaim that God is my provider. As the fishes find their supply in hidden places, so will I find my provision in the unseen hand of God. My needs are met according to His riches in glory."


Victory Over Fear: "I decree that fear and anxiety have no hold on me. With every step I take, I am developing a strategy of faith and courage, walking boldly into the plans God has for me, knowing that He is with me."


Spiritual Warfare: "I affirm that I am equipped for every battle. The Lord is my strength and my shield. As I stand against fear and idolatry, I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me."


Breaking Negative Decrees: "I renounce any wrong decrees spoken over my life. I am surrounded by the favor of God as a shield, and I speak life, blessing, and God’s perfect plans over my future."


Embracing God’s Cycles: "I acknowledge God's divine timing and seasons in my life. I am in sync with His heavenly calendar, ready to step into new beginnings and celebrate the completion of cycles with joy and thanksgiving."


Overcoming Obstacles: "In this month of Adar, and especially in Adar II, I am fully annihilating the 'Haman' in my life. I celebrate my redemption and freedom, knowing that my victory is secured in Christ."


Laughter and Light: "I choose laughter in the face of darkness. The joy of the Lord is my strength, and His light breaks through every shadow, filling my life with hope and brightness."


From Despair to Faith: "I uproot any seeds of depression and despair, planting in their place the seeds of faith and gladness. I wear the garment of praise, lifting off any spirit of heaviness."


Leadership Awakening: "I declare that I am awakening to my role as a leader in God’s kingdom. I will not be swayed by the enemy's tactics but will move forward in alignment with God’s purposes, impacting my generation for Christ."


Supernatural Movement: "I affirm that my steps are ordered by the Lord. I move supernaturally through my circumstances, propelled into God's blessings and the fullness of His plan for my life."


Celebration of Endings and Beginnings: "I celebrate both the endings and the beginnings in my life, recognizing each as part of God's grand design. In every season, I find reasons to rejoice, knowing that in Adar, joy and sweetness are my portion."


Encourage your students to speak these declarations out loud over their lives, believing in the power of God's Word to transform, guide, and bless them throughout the month of Adar and beyond.

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