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Equipping The Saints For The Work Of The Ministry

The Power Of Proclamations & Prayers

The potency of God's Word is unmistakable! When articulated with conviction and expressed in true faith, it activates His benevolence and divine power, bringing about extraordinary interventions in our lives. As Apostle Byrd often says "Nothing leaves heaven until something is said on the earth."


Many believers may not realize the incredible power of spoken declarations. We encourage you to explore our complimentary collection of Proclamations and embrace this impactful yet straightforward practice in your daily life.

Let’s Us Know If We Can Pray For You

Do you have a specific prayer request? Are you facing challenges where you need divine intervention? Let us stand in agreement with you. Click [here] to submit your prayer request. Our prayer team will confidentially receive and include your request in our prayers.

Thanks for submitting!

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